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Mindful in 5 Podcast

Spiwe Jefferson

Discover peace amidst life's whirlwind starting with just 5 minutes a day. Mindful in 5 offers clear, practical strategies to foster joy and resilience for purpose-driven professionals. 

Whether you're an innovative entrepreneur or a compassionate leader, our science-backed techniques support your journey to a more peaceful, focused mind. Unlock your creativity, cultivate emotional intelligence, and lead with presence. Join us to stay connected to your 'why' and create a thriving personal and professional life. 

Let Mindful in 5 be your daily dose of clarity and inner strength, helping you navigate challenges with grace and emerge softer yet stronger.

Elevate your experience by following and rating us, and enrich your practice with a year’s supply of 5-day, 5-minute meditations available in the Mindful in 5 book series available at SpiweJefferson.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, or your preferred bookstore.