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Insight - Mindfully Rampage! With Carissa Andrews

February 03, 2023 Spiwe Jefferson Season 3 Episode 73
Mindful in 5 Podcast
Insight - Mindfully Rampage! With Carissa Andrews
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The word "rampage" and the concept of mindfulness don't seem to go together do they? But this week, get a quick lesson from my Season 2 guest, Carissa Andrews and try going on a mindful rampage.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Get clear about what you want
  • Be determined, inspired, and motivated from the inside out
  • Expand and strengthen the vision for your goals

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Season-3 Episode 72 

Mindful Insight – Mindfully Rampage!

Published February 3, 2023


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00:00 Spiwe Jefferson

So with that, that leads us squarely into the sort of, for perhaps this group of listeners, the central question, which is, are there specific mindfulness or meditative practices that you use now? Or have you used in the past that you find helpful?


00:21 Carissa Andrews

Absolutely. I was very interested in Amanda Francis. And the funny thing is, I found Abraham Hicks through Amanda Francis, because she talked a lot about how they were the inspiration for her work. And so I was listening to Amanda Francis’ book, Rich as *uck, hopefully, I can say that on your podcast, but it's a great book. I've read it in book form. And I've also listened to the audiobook. And she just has a way about her. And what was interesting was that that same resonance is reflected with Abraham Hicks. 

And so I was listening to her meditations, I was listening to her various like, what she does is very similar to Abraham Hicks and the way that she does what they call a rampage. I don't know if you know what that is. But yeah, so basically, it's, it's this thing where you're trying to elevate your emotional state your vibration, and you start with a, you know, where you're at a thought where you're at, like, right now, I'm glad that I'm on this podcast, it's wonderful. And each thought each thing that you say out loud, gets elevated higher. So this is amazing. I can't imagine how many wonderful people are listening to this thing right now. And if they're listening to it, think about all the cool things that they're learning or resonating with and who they're going to be touching and all the people that they're going to see and speak about and want to learn more about Abraham Hicks or Amanda Francis's work, or maybe my work or your work, Spiwe. It's just amazing, all these things. 

You continue to elevate the thoughts on a rampage. It's a voice rampage typically. And so, Amanda Francis does that sometimes in her meditations, where you're just listening. It's kind of guided in a sense, but it's not. I was there probably three months ago.

01:55 Spiwe Jefferson

Well, hi there. My name is Spiwe Jefferson and you are listening to the Mindful in 5 invitation for the week. That was an excerpt from Episode 48, which aired in Season 2, genre bending Best Selling Author Carissa Andrews was sharing how she practices a rampage. 

Rampage and mindfulness don't sound like they go together. But this is an intriguing technique, and I invite you to try it out this week. Spend five minutes in the morning, pick a topic and just try the Rampage approach and see if you can spiral your way into ever increasing positivity. Then join us on the LinkedIn Mindful in 5 group and share your thoughts on how it went. Until next time, this is Spiwe saying be mindful and be well.

02:49 James@DiscoverytheVoice

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