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Season 4 Kickoff!

September 14, 2023 Spiwe Jefferson Season 4 Episode 90
Mindful in 5 Podcast
Season 4 Kickoff!
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Unveiling Mindful in 5 - Season 4: A Journey of Clarity & Connection"

Dive into the exhilarating launch of Mindful in 5 Season 4, as we embrace a season painted with the hues of joy and clarity. From a refreshing green cover art twist, signaling new beginnings, to the deeply touching ‘Mindful in 5 - God Lovers' Edition’, this season promises a softer, more supported connection to mindfulness. Amid the bustle of professional life, leaders and seekers alike will discover bespoke mindfulness slices to savor. Be captivated by the depth of the Learning Zone Model as we journey through life’s Comfort, Learning, and Panic zones. Plus, a riveting guest - Merie Wallace, an Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, awaits to intrigue and enlighten. As Spiwe often says, it's all about staying present amidst the chaos. So, gear up Mindful Ninjas, and tune in for a season that's as cheerful as it is transformative!

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0:00 Spiwe Jefferson: Hello and welcome to Mindful in 5, helping you discover your peaceful path. I'm your host Spiwe Jefferson, author of the Mindful in 5 book series. I am so excited to kick off season four of the Mindful in 5 podcast, 

0:31 I am so excited to kick off Season 4 of the Mindful in 5 podcast! (grand sound) A season filled with celebration, introspection, and unbridled enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

First and foremost, a heartfelt shoutout to our devoted community of listeners and supporters. Mindful Ninjas, your unwavering support and engagement have fueled this incredible journey. (applause) As each season unfolds, our connection grows clearer and more joyful, all thanks to you.

Last season we introduced a new feature that many of you really loved, and is now the foundation of all my solo episodes this season. Remember the Mindful Insights from Season 3? A  quick thought to help you discover your peaceful path? This season is all about sharing a weekly slice of mindfulness crafted to invite you to do just one thing each week to deepen your mindfulness journey, with the goal of leaving you feeling more peaceful, supported, and better able to deal with the challenges of everyday work and life.

What else is new? Hold onto your meditation cushions because there's electrifying news! Alongside this fresh season, we're thrilled to introduce the upcoming launch of the next book (drumroll)  ‘Mindful in 5 - God Lovers' Edition’ and the companion journal.  Where is God when you need Him most? The Hebrew and Christian Bibles instruct you to meditate on Him, but how? How do you connect with someone you can’t see, touch, and feel? Pick up your copy on Amazon.com and I would appreciate it if you would please leave a rating. This edition will leave you feeling supported, softer, and more seen. 

03:32 If you have either book in Mindful in 5 series – Meditations for People With No Time or the God Lovers Edition, you will recognize some of the characters we are using to illustrate the lessons this season. Barry, Singita, Brianna and Rashad will illustrate various scenarios as they journey through their Dark, Dawn, and Day seasons so you can see how to apply mindfulness in your own life. 

04:06 We also have a few special guests lined up for this season. I think my first guest will intrigue you as much as she did me. Tune in for conversations with Merie Weismiller Wallace, Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner. If you’re thinking, she’s a what? Exactly! Tune into that conversation, which will be available as both a podcast and podvideo. You won’t want to miss it. 

Tune in next week as we dive into Season 4. Until then, this is Spiwe saying be mindful and be well. 

04:46 James@DiscovertheVoice Thank you for listening to Mindful in 5. If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Follow and rate it on your favorite podcast platform. Pick up your signed copy of the book in journal from SpiweJefferson.com or unsigned copies from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or wherever you get your books. Visit SpiweJefferson.com to download sample chapters of the book, watch videos and become a mindful ninja. Join us on the LinkedIn Mindful in 5 group and share your thoughts. Until next time, be mindful and be well.